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Advocacy Team or A-Team

    Alabama's advocacy efforts include our A-Team, an Advocacy Team made up of volunteers from around the state who serve as the "face" of HR to each federal representative or senator when they are at home in the district.

    If you are interested learning more about the A-Team, you can read more by clicking here.

    SHRM Advocacy App

    Download SHRM’s new advocacy mobile app to keep up with the latest in HR and workplace policy and be a more effective advocate!

    (“SHRM Advocacy,” free in app stores)

    Top 7 Reasons to Download and Use SHRM’s Advocacy App:

    1.      Immediately take action on alerts using SHRM-provided templates;

    2.      Easily connect to your state and federal lawmakers;

    3.      Join SHRM’s Advocacy Team ("A-Team");

    4.      Quickly submit lawmaker meeting or event feedback;

    5.      Engage with lawmakers and fellow HR professionals on social media;

    6.      View legislative information on key workplace issues;

    7.      Stay up-to-date on all legislative and agency proposals impacting the workplace - and more!

    Need a SHRM Advocacy App introduction and easy tutorial? Click HERE.

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